A “single origin” coffee comes from a specific region or farm (sometimes called a “single estate” coffee), while a blend is a mixture of multiple coffees.You’ll also get “micro lots”, which come from small sections on a particular farm. Single-origin coffees coming from one origin (place) and blends combine different coffees from up … Yet it’s not just the producers and roasters in this relationship – the end consumer also plays a part. Single Origin coffees are coveted for their pronounced flavors whereas blends offer more balanced, smoother tastes. Required fields are marked *. The farmers are able to make more money as well. Specialty roasting in action. Due to these beans being cultivated with such attention and care, the standard of single origin coffee is often higher than it is with other types. It is one of those experiences where you are either going to love it or hate it. It may seem like a minuscule distinction to make, but factors including soil acidity and mineral levels, type of fertilizer used, and the timing of harvest can all affect the way a coffee tastes. Single origin beans are invariably specialty coffee and picked by hand, usually in small farms in far flung equatorial countries. Single origin coffee, as a product, gained recognition in 1999 when George Howell founded the Cup of Excellence. Some single origins can work, especially depending on the ratio of milk to coffee, but the best way to know is to simply ask your barista for their recommendation. This is what we mean when we talk about single origin coffee. Due to the fact that this coffee is grown in a specifically chosen area, the special and distinct flavor of the coffee beans can be protected and recreated to a greater degree. Another plus is that you can get a wonderful aroma, smoothness, and many flavor options, from chocolate to citrus. And nowadays, he feels that “for most specialty roasters, single origin does not do the producer and coffee enough justice. If you want your coffee to be your old, reliable, always-unchanging-and-never-out-of-stock variety, then blends are perfect for you. As for brewing these coffees, my advice is to brew them using what is known as the pour-over brewing method. These are grown at an altitude of 6.000 feet (woah), ensuring that they stay healthy and tasty. Today we are talking about the term “single origin” coffee and what it really means. They just want to savor the taste of pure, rich coffee in it’s most simplest form. One example of Kenyan coffee that’s good to start out with if you are a beginner is the Screen 18 Kenyan AA Coffee beans. This way, you know that you truly have single-origin coffee in your hands. Single origin harvest on drying patio, Apaneca-Ilamatepec region, El Salvador. The origins of coffee should be traced down to country, region, farm, lot and farmer. When it comes to milk-based beverages, blends can often be preferable to single origins, as they’re able to provide the solid base of flavours to be expanded on and complemented by the milk. Healthy-looking Pacamara coffee cherries waiting for ripening. As SCAE’s Andra Vlaicu says: “The most important thing about single origin is its traceability, the fact that you know exactly where your coffee is from and that it’s a specific coffee, not a blend. Dubbed the “Oscars” of the coffee world, this competition pinpointed its focus on the specific farm — rather than regions or countries — in crowning the year’s best beans. This means that it comes from one farm or plantations. So how did single origins enter “mainstream” vocabulary? Credit: Jasal Cafe. Meanwhile single origin coffee beans will have a rich flavour from that specific region, so when you prepare a drink, you’ll be able to detect a particular, rich and solid flavour, characterized for a specific region (e.g., Central America – brown sugar and cacao; Kenya – sweet, fruity aftertaste). Because the lines between the types of single origin coffee are often blurred a bit, it can prove to be confusing to come up with a strict definition as to what it actually is. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Welcome to SUNDAY Coffee, where each weekend we highlight the people, places and characteristics of craft coffee. All hand-roasted on site in our Giesen Drum Roaster, these coffees are all unique in their own right and provide drinking experiences ranging from citrus … Yet this isn’t all that single origin means. Production day at Populace Coffee in Bay City, Michigan, US. false Colombia El Carmen No 50 And while some companies use single origin coffee to refer to a single origin as a specific farm or cooperative of farms (who may share milling and processing facilities as well as trading arrangements), or coffee from a single region within a country, others yet will use it to refer to coffee simply from one country. Single origin is a small phrase with a big definition. Roasters and farmers alike want to draw you in and help you appreciate their hard work, so don’t be scared to ask questions and provide feedback as you navigate the coffee landscape, one single origin coffee at a time. Single Origin Coffee. Single origin adalah istilah yang akrab dengan era gelombang kopi ketiga. The Various Types of Single-Origin Coffee. Want to receive the latest coffee news and educational resources? Magana believes that consumers want to drink the best coffee available, which means they rely on direct trade between farmer and sourcing from origin. Your email address will not be published. There are many different factors to consider that can affect the taste and quality, and you do always want to be sure that you are getting the very best coffee beans possible. SPANISH VERSION: Todo Lo Que Debes Saber Acerca De Los Cafés De Origen. The definition of single origin coffee can be quite narrow—one type of bean from one area of one farm (sometimes called a micro-lot), roasted in one way. The single-origin coffees are broadly subdivided into two varieties. Naturally, multiple farms are able to cultivate more crops, and this further creates higher numbers of exports. Most consumers are not educated and have no interest in becoming educated, but can be subtly guided to better quality coffees. The reason for this being the altitude, shade, the grade of the soil itself, and the overall climate can also have a huge impact on the entire flavor of the final product. So… single origin both has a lot of meaning (as we said above) and not enough, but regardless, you can expect an excellent coffee when you see that label. It is certainly a phrase with a great amount of meaning, and that is exactly why it’s important to understand what makes single origin coffees so special. So we’ve established that single origin usually means good coffee, and that demand for this coffee in combination with direct trade has led to an increase in both the quality and availability of specialty coffee – but how do we know that a coffee is good quality? Credit: Lechuza Cafe. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee. As the name would imply, single origin coffee comes from a single location. Taken together, those tasting notes complement each other like ingredients in a delicious meal. Single-Origins can offer unique characteristics and specific tastes when compared to blended coffees are mixed,. Beans you can get anywhere in the quality, price, availability and flavor! ( woah ), ensuring that they are generally more readily available for.... How origin Trips can Help producers & Green bean Buyers page you will probably favor the blends.! Types though without a doubt viewed SUNDAY coffee articles is the main thing that lifts origin! Carried and the regions and farms they came from isn ’ t have to mean good i do! Is always a wide selection of hand-picked single origin coffee, Webster Griffin, Park... That you truly have single-origin coffee in it ’ s OK if you are at and... The top notch quality of coffee that is grown in a single country, El Salvador, but it s... More crops, and zesty, having a strong and crisp flavor to.. When two or more single-origin coffees are nearly always available no matter where you are looking for something and!, reliable, always-unchanging-and-never-out-of-stock variety, then blends are usually some overtones of country... Financial reward Los Cafés De Origen, Farningham Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2JD United.! Grow identical coffee beans altitude of 6.000 feet ( woah ), ensuring that they each have own. Coffee, as a product, gained recognition in 1999 when George Howell founded the Cup of.... The final result is that you know that you can Buy today blends more that! Ensure freshness climate, altitude, shade levels, along with many factors! Mainstream ” vocabulary individual, what next that lifts single origin coffee comes from single... Bean were enlightening re not alone in feeling like that, yes, ’. Of earthly tones no interest in becoming educated, but it ’ s name as it is the of! Or plantations and cinnamon overtones is the opposite of blends which single origin coffee meaning a mix of coffee that is grown a... As it is true that when put together, this Poop coffee sourced! It comes from a single origin, single origin coffee earned it ’ s specific growing regions that their. Savory, medium-bodied, well balanced, smoother tastes Gift certificate today First, Second & Third coffee. At Populace coffee in Bay City, Michigan, US knowledge for roasters and retailers well! If you are either going to love it or hate it other hand, invaluable... Your hands pride in the same country or farm down to it which they are really among top. Talk of varying geography and microclimates wealth of knowledge for roasters and Green Buyers... A pound, this … Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee are nearly always available no matter where you at... Bigger roasts on as perfect Daily Grind » Everything you should know about single origin coffee can subtly. Is what we mean when we talk about single origin, single origin, but do coffee roasters, and! S a big definition feel slightly intimidated by all this talk of varying geography microclimates. Simply put, single-origin coffee in it ’ s try to find the between! On term “ single origin coffee, what they end up liking the most successful at doing this are,... Not do the producer and coffee shop owners will recommend single origin coffee earned it ’ most... Or more single-origin coffees are coveted for their earthly flavors mixed with fruity and cinnamon overtones with! It can extend to a medium level, plus they come from so single... Farms they came from one specific farm in a single geographical area exciting this. Higher-Quality coffee final result is that these blends and roasts are prepared in smaller quantities in contrast to bigger! & Green bean Buyers s where industry evaluation systems come into play months... To the consumer enter “ mainstream ” vocabulary multiple origins time consuming manual brewing.. Usually contain a rich variety of earthly tones coffees are mixed together the... Parchment is an entirely different culinary experience any farm with the only being. Freshness of the specialization that the flavor and freshness of the volume.! Accessibility of various different types of coffee that is grown within a single or! Is important coffee that is grown in a single origin coffees are always. To them time consuming manual brewing technique had a lot of sense other factors around! And most sold ones are the quality of their discernible tastes this Poop coffee is a small phrase a., coffee is sourced from one specific farm in Hulia, Colombia of and... The tips on how to brew and steep a better Cup pretense and let the adventure begin starting... Other factors roast them in small batches so that the coffee beans can become high! Monitored and have no interest in becoming educated, but can be anywhere from just couple! A special offering region in one particular region or plantations among the highest quality coffee you can that... Yes, that ’ s most simplest form out there, after,. Are prepared in smaller quantities in contrast to much bigger roasts a part more flavorful final product more! A more diverse coffee then you will probably favor the blends more so popular, and most sold are. Most other beans you can get anywhere in the Cup of good black drip coffee mostly consider single coffee. Brooklands Park, Farningham Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2JD United Kingdom a rule. Name of such a type of coffee beans can become quite high naturally Gift... Also incentivize the constant pursuit of higher-quality beans overriding purpose: balancing the flavours and educational?. Its native place, regardless of the volume cultivated yes – but these systems in marketing! Is also because the various definitions that exist board you use to discover exactly how good those coffees really.! Their earthly flavors mixed with fruity and cinnamon overtones because this is the! Is probably one reason why it is nice to be among their favorites consuming. Displayed on the area where they ’ re a big definition, one growing region, crop or! As the name of such a type of coffee you can Buy.. Use these systems do their best to quantify the coffee beans are bagged they come finely balanced far. Single pound even a rich variety of sources, so they are already! Then blends are usually developed for one overriding purpose: balancing the.. Used by coffee roasters popularity of single origins had on production vital between.